In Corinth, on his third missionary journey, Paul wrote the Epistle to the Roman church. Paul did not plant the church at Rome. By the time Paul wrote Romans, the church in Rome was famous throughout the Roman Empire for its faith.

The greatest and most evident theme of Romans centers on the Gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16-17). Paul is deeply concerned that his readers understand how God’s righteousness can become man’s possession; and how a justified sinner should live daily to the glory of God. The great truth of justification by faith alone is at the heart of Paul’s letter to the Roman church.

Romans may not be the best biblical book to put in the hands of most unsaved people to lead them to salvation. John is better for that purpose. However, Romans is the best book to put in the hands of a saved person to lead him or her to understand and appreciate their salvation. New believers learn of their identification with Chris and of victory through the power of the Holy Spirit. Mature believers find never ending delight in its wide spectrum of Christian truth: doctrinal, prophetical and practical.

Romans starts by revealing the tragic helplessness of the human race. No other book of the Bible looks so fearlessly into the abysmal degradation that has resulted from human sin. But if you keep reading, you will conclude from 3:21 on, that we have the best, most wonderful news that anyone has ever heard. This book is all about ruin and redemption. Its first great revelation is the absolute ruin and helplessness of the human race. It concludes with the marvelous news of justification by faith.

Step by step, Paul winds his way through a flood of thoughts as he explains the meaning and significance of God’s great work in Christ.

Romans 1

Romans 2

Romans 3

Romans 4

Romans 5

Romans 6

Romans 7

Romans 8

Romans 9 

Romans 10

Romans 11

Romans 12

Romans 13

Romans 14

Romans 15

Romans 16

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