Daniel was a teenager who rose through the ranks and worked for three pagan kings while holding high positions of honor and power. He was essentially a government bureaucrat…..working for the enemy. Yet he was greatly respected and held in high esteem.  Daniel shows us that it is possible to live a faithful life while surrounded by pagan influences and propaganda if you set your mind to serving the Lord wholeheartedly (Colossians 3:1-2). Daniel’s name means “God is my Judge.” His character and behavior show that he lived in the light of that fact.

This devotional is dedicated to my twin grandsons in hope that they will want to grow up to be men of godly character like Daniel who always trusted in God and did the right thing even though it was hard and scary. Bible readings are taken/adapted from the New Living Translation.

Daniel 1a

Daniel 1b

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Daniel 2a

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