Jonah did not start out well…..thinking only about himself.  Jonah did not finish well…..thinking only about himself.  He did not like God’s plan in the beginning…..and he did not like it in the end.

God’s reaction to Jonah’s disobedience shows that He is upset. Yet the Lord’s gentle, miraculous dealings with Jonah also picture His tender love and slowness of anger.….which God revealed by giving Jonah a second chance to choose to obey. 

The futility of trying to run and hide from God…..along with the fact that our God is a God of second chances as He relentlessly pursues our hearts….what great lessons for our children to learn! 

The Book of Jonah was a reminder to Israel of her missionary calling to the Gentiles. When Jonah was cast into the sea, it resulted in the salvation of a boatload of Gentiles sailors. But when he was cast onto dry land, it resulted in the salvation of a Gentile city.  God is not just a God to the Jewish people; He is a God to all nations. Bible readings are taken/adapted from the New Living Translation.

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